Taco Bell bringing back ‘Volcano’ menu items, including one from the ’90s


IRVINE, Calif. (WBOY) — Taco Bell announced Thursday the return of its “Volcano Menu,” which stems from an item introduced nearly three decades ago in 1995.

The Volcano Menu, to be available in late June, features three main offerings in its lineup: the Volcano Burrito, the Volcano Taco, and an optional “Lava Sauce” (a spicy cheese sauce) which can be added to any menu item.

The Volcano Burrito was the first of “Volcano” item to debut on Taco Bell’s menus in 1995 as a promotional tie-in to the film “Congo,” according to an online Taco Bell resource hosted by Fandom, which was created and edited by fans. (A representative for Taco Bell was not immediately available to confirm the debut dates.) A commercial released upon the Volcano Burrito’s debut detailed its ingredients, which included seasoned beef, beans, rice, a three-cheese blend and “fiery red sauce.”

Other items, including the Volcano Taco, Volcano Nachos and Lava Sauce (which accompanied those items), debuted on the menu over a decade later and stayed for several years, according to the Taco Bell Fandom page.

Taco Bell claims its Volcano Menu has developed a cult-like following among customers who have “relentlessly championed its return,” Taco Bell said. Some even submitted petitions for the restaurant to return the items to its menu, according to the company.

The Volcano Menu’s offerings will be available at participating locations as of June 27, 2023, for Taco Bell Rewards Members, and June 29 for everyone else.

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