(Our Auto Expert) With Americans driving an average of 10 miles a day more than any other driver in the world, it is no wonder we like to do it in comfort and style, which is why we are so good at making luxury SUVs.  

America is 3.7 million Square Miles with 330 million People. The 44 Countries of Europe cover the identical size, 3.9 million square miles. But the population is well over double that of the USA, 748 million people. 

We have learned to carry our families and friends over long distances in America. If I Leave LA and Fly to London and You Leave London and Fly towards the US simultaneously. We would technically meet in New York. I would not even get out of the US. That’s how big our country is. 

Americans like big luxury SUVs because we travel long distances. Lincoln has just refreshed the Navigator for 2022. Conquesting, the youngest buyer to the segment. 

The New trim level Central Park adds a woodsy green interior with gold etched trail maps of Central Park in several areas on the interior. 

Lincoln is changing the shopping experience by offering an alternative by opening the first Lincoln boutique in Phoenix. You can shop and browse Lincoln vehicles in a secluded setting while sipping on espresso or beverages of your choice. 

America’s newest Luxury Brand is Waggoneer from Jeep. Waggoneer is Hollywood Meets Nashville. Practical Luxury can be applied to the entire modern world, not so much of an elite Luxury.  

The Escalade is the third and most famous American full-size luxury SUV. The Tech in the new Escalade is nothing but mind-blowing. The 38-inch OLED Screen and augmented reality are just two things to mention. But that annoying chip shortage has haunted Cadillac in the last 12 months. They have had to disable their Super Cruise hands-free feature because of chip shortage. However, it is now back in vehicles. You always want to check that all components are enabled in your car before you drive off the lot. 

America has Talent when it comes to many things, and one is the Large Luxury SUVs