(Our Auto Expert) — The 56th annual Consumer Electronic Show (CES) was launched with a keynote by BMW Chairman of the board of Directors Oliver Zipse and three Movie Stars.

Along with Kit the Car from Knight Rider, Herbie the Love Bug, Movie Action Hero Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Chairman of the Board of Directors of BMW Oliver Zipse, the 56th Annual CES was launched in Las Vegas with another potential new star, the new BMW Vision i Dee. It is a concept car with elements of things to come in the BMW Neue Klass cars after 2025. The Vision i Dee can change to 32 different colors on the outside via 240 different panels, creating limitless different possibilities and ideas.

DEE means Digital Emotional Experience. You can control many aspects of the car with voice commands. Don’t worry about taking your hands off the wheel and your eyes off the road. Mix reality with augmented reality as the whole windshield becomes a heads-up display via the use of a slider with five different levels. This entire windshield heads-up display may be available as soon as two years.

Chrysler showed off a concept cabin with the idea of what the interior of their cars may look like in the future. My takeaways are that it is smooth and clean. It has biometrics, and I noticed that one feature on the list that you don’t often see is the ability to sing karaoke in the new cockpit.

VW Showed off the I.D. 7. The latest in the family of ID cars. This will go up against the Tesla Model 3 with a range of around 345 miles on a single charge. It will likely be made in the USA next to the I.D. 4. In TN.

Ram sent out tease pictures of the new 1500 Revolution EV pickup truck. They will be showing the latest in pick-up tech at the show now as a BEV.