(Our Auto Expert) — The summer travel season is in full swing as many kids are now out of school, and families are heading out on vacation. 

According to a new Triple-A poll, 91% of Americans will travel on the roads, and 44 million of those will travel in an RV, per the RV Industry Association. With so many vacation options for consumers, why is hitting the road in an RV the choice for so many Americans?  

Since COVID-19, the RV industry has been one of Americans’ fastest-growing travel and vacation choices. Compared to flying, cruises, and other forms of travel, consumers are opting for RVs because they can work from the road while vacationing. But the ease of travel and overall cost plays a major role. For example, the 2023 ​T​iffin ​Wayfarer 25 is perfect for this because of the built-in solar panels on top and Wi-Fi. Adding in the comfort of your home on the inside makes it one of the ideal ​RVs for work and comfort. 

Now more than ever before, we’re seeing young, working families opting to vacation in RVs because it allows for outdoor exploration plus the comforts of home. Three-quarters of RV owners plan to work from their RV in the coming year. Finding the freedom to travel on your own terms and controlling costs while creating lifelong memories with loved ones are some of the other key reasons why ​utilizing an RV for travel​ is growing in popularity.

Affordability is at the top of everyone’s list. The Forest River R-Pod 171 is a travel trailer that you can tow behind your vehicle. For around $26,000, you get a trailer that has its own bathroom and kitchen. A family of four saves an average of up to 60% per day compared to comparable vacations that include flights, hotels, and rental vehicles.

Some RVs start under $6,000 for a small pop-up trailer and up to a million dollars for big motor coaches.

Americans also enjoy the freedom of travel. Most RV lovers will visit more than one campground during their vacation. And the convenience of having an RV allows you to move your entire belongings with you whenever you want.