Editor’s note: The headline for this article has been corrected. We regret the error.

FAIRFAX COUNTY, Va. (WDCW) – A northern Virginian has become a viral sensation on TikTok for using the platform to inform, inspire, and enlighten people across the globe.

For Anthony Guevara, the beauty of social media isn’t just a chance to show off the latest fad — it’s a chance to teach.

“That’s kind of like my goal, just to keep educating people in a funny way that makes them do further exploration into their own interests,” Guevara said.

Anthony Guevara, better known as ‘Tony,’ but best known as “itonyvara” on TikTok, has grown a pandemic-era hobby into a legitimate platform. He now has nearly half a million followers, all of whom know by now that he is unapologetic when it comes to politics — and to his food.

But it’s Guevara’s honesty and personality that he believes sets him apart, helping to increase his reach on the platform.

Guevara was raised in Springfield, Virginia, a place that has shaped how he viewed culture, including his own.

“That’s what I grew up with. It’s like a Peruvian neighbor, a Filipino neighbor, a Pakistani neighbor,” said Guevara, whose parents are Salvadoran and Honduran. “On the other side, it’s like an Ethiopian neighbor. Definitely no fault of cultures there.”

From exploring the world, sharing its dishes, and dishing on pop culture, Guevara covers a wide array of topics. However, some of his videos go deeper: Guevara, a recent University of Virginia alum who graduated with a degree in Latin American studies, wants to use his platform to share stories often untold, or unknown.

He said his platform is for anyone who wants to learn, explore the differences in language, and laugh.

“I’m always proud to be Latino. As long as you’re proud of who you are, that’s what matters to me,” Guevara said.