(NEXSTAR) – Two people died Tuesday after a gender reveal went awry, multiple outlets have reported.

The gender reveal involved a small plane that was supposed to unveil the baby’s gender, but crashed into the ocean off Cancun, Mexico. According to local outlets, in cellphone video taken from a yacht off the coast of tourist hotspot Laguna Nichupte people can be heard yelling, “It’s a girl, it’s a girl!” before the crash.

Video from TMZ shows the plane doing stunts before nosediving into the ocean, as the expectant family watched in horror.

The two pilots were killed, TMZ reports. Local media confirmed the death of the flight crew, according to the Washington Post.

According to the Sun, the plane was rented from the company Xomex. The pilot and co-pilot were recovered from the water, but one died during the rescue and the second died while receiving first aid on-land.

The Federal Civil Aviation Agency is investigating the cause of the crash, the Sun reported.

Gender reveals have turned deadly as of late.

In February alone, two people died after explosions during or in preparation of baby gender reveal parties. 

During the first incident, a 26-year-old bystander died in Michigan after a small cannon device was fired during a baby shower. The cannon blew up, spraying shrapnel that struck the unidentified Hartland man who was standing nearby.

In the second instance, a father-to-be in New York was killed when a device he was building for a gender reveal party exploded. Christopher Pekny was 28 when he succumbed from his injuries. His brother, Michael Pekny, was treated for his injuries at a local hospital.