A cellphone repair shop shares its No. 1 tip to protect your phone — and it might surprise you


(KTLA) – While the number one repair is still shattered screens, the number one tip to protect your pone might surprise you – it has nothing to do with screen protectors or cases.

According to uBreakiFix repair shop, the experts say there is a number one way to protect your phone: back it up.

While physical hardware on phones can be replaced or repaired, it’s the data inside that could be lost if a phone suffers water or other critical damage. There’s no getting that back.

So be sure to check your iCloud or Google settings to back up your phone.

If you need a fast and easy way to back things up, check out the Google One app for Android and iOS. If you want to back up texts on an Android phone, there are apps like SMS Backup & Restore. Bottom line – be sure those precious pictures are backed up in iCloud, Google Photos, OneDrive or Amazon Photos.

When it comes to voicemails, if there is a sentimental or important one you’re keeping, be sure to download it or use a friend’s phone to record it off speakerphone.

Some may be surprised to know that uBreakiFix, which has locations across the country, will diagnose your phone issue for free, no strings attached. So whether your screen is broken or you think you have a damaged charging port or whatever, it is totally worth it to take it in and at least see what they say. It won’t cost you a thing for a free diagnostic.

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