MIDDLESEX, N.J. (WPIX) — An alligator spotted lurking in a New Jersey park two weeks ago was finally captured on Thursday, officials said.

The alligator was discovered in front of a home in Piscataway around 10 p.m., which is around 400 yards southwest from where the animal was first spotted, according to the Middlesex Borough Police Department.

Multiple state departments were brought in to Victor Crowell Park in Middlesex to search for the animal, estimated to be around 4 feet long. The gator was first spotted on Aug. 25 in Ambrose Brook, which prompted the all-hands-on-deck search mission.

Some Middlesex residents said they were hoping to see the animal. Police had urged the public not to approach the alligator and to notify authorities immediately if it was spotted.

“You can tell by the people out here. They are excited. We finally made the news for something,” said resident Francis Sweeney.

There was also brief speculation that the elusive alligator may have died after a police officer reportedly fired a shot at the animal and it hadn’t been seen since. The gator submerged after the shot was fired, but it was unclear if it was hit, authorities had said at the time.

The reptile was taken to Cape May County Zoo, police said. It remains unclear how the alligator ended up in the New Jersey suburb.