(Our Auto Expert) – As Summer comes to a close, the desire to travel remains strong. Recent data shows more than 95 million Americans plan to travel this Labor Day Weekend. Whether Americans choose to fly, drive or travel by sea, there are plenty of options to get to your destination. However, post-covid, Americans have learned to avoid travel woes, with people wanting to avoid travel hassle and control their own vacation. As a result, more than 16M Americans are planning to go RVing this holiday weekend.

One reason Americans are choosing to go RVing over other options? Temperatures are slowly beginning to ease as we exit Summer and enter Fall across the country. Another reason is that Labor Day is one of the biggest camping weekends of the year, outside of Independence Day. The way Americans choose to travel for vacation has changed drastically. More travelers are prioritizing getting outdoors and spending quality time in nature, rather than traveling to familiar destinations. RVing in particular is popular amongst millennials, with more than 40% expressing interest in RVing this fall.

Affordability and avoiding travel hassle rank among the top reasons why Americans are choosing to go RVing, and even bigger reasons why millennials are gravitating toward the lifestyle as a whole. There are several towable trailers and RVs on the market that make for affordable new- or temporary-homes while vacationing. Those options are not only affordable, they are practical as well. Smaller units are proving to be one of the most popular options as you don’t need an overly large vehicle to tow them, and you can easily connect them to your vehicle.

Though Summer is often thought of as the best time to travel in an RV, more than 38M Americans are planning to go RVing this Fall. Americans have expressed interest in Fall travel as there are cooler temperatures, less bugs and lots of fall festivities at campgrounds across the country. In discussion with RVers, we found that many like to camp close to home, as it allows them all the benefits of camping without traveling long distances. In addition, RVers have mentioned the convenience of inviting family and friends to the campsite to relax as well.

Lastly, working from the road is one of the most popular RV trends we have seen in recent years. The idea is even continuing to drive interest in RVing, as it can be a “home away from home” for a long period. As we’ve seen from the pandemic, having a flexible working space is crucial in the post-pandemic world. Modern RVs are now offering dedicated working spaces and integrated Wi-Fi so that RVers can work from the road when needed.