(NEXSTAR) – If you have been looking to stuff some AirPods in a stocking this year or spring for a new laptop for the remote learning student in your life, there are deals headed your way over the next week.

While a scan through Amazon, Target, Costco and Walmart reveals some comparable prices on the bigger ticket electronics from Apple Inc. a few price tracking sites have identified where the bar is set for bargains. Here’s a roundup of prices to target to know you are getting a deal on your Apple gear.

AirPods: Several websites were offering AirPods with a wired charging case this week in the $129, but CNET says those briefly dipped to $99 from Walmart, Costco and Amazon earlier this month. If you see those prices return it might be time to pull the trigger. If you’re holding out for the AirPod Pro, a discount to $199 is also available, but Apple Insider says a $189 price tag should be popping up this week if you are willing to shop around. If you are willing to wait for Walmart’s deals on the 25th, MacRumors said you should be able to score the Pros for $169.

A customer uses an iPhone 6 smartphone to take a photo of a model of the Apple Watch during the device presentation at the Apple Store in Lyon, central-eastern France, on April 10, 2015. Tech fans got their first look on April 10 at the Apple Watch, with would-be early buyers queuing for a “trial fitting”. AFP PHOTO / PHILIPPE MERLE (Photo credit should read PHILIPPE MERLE/AFP via Getty Images)

Apple Watch: CNET editors also picked the $50 price drop on the 40mm and 44mm SE models as a top bargain for Apple Watch shoppers. As of Wednesday, those prices were available from Amazon, Target and Costco. If you are targeting the higher-end Series 6, Apple Insider says the current $349 price is the cheapest they have seen to date. If you find a price below that, you’re getting a deal.

New iPhones: The days of service providers offering big discounts on phones with line activation have returned, and iPhone shoppers can cash in this holiday season. Mashable calls out T-Mobile’s offer of a free iPhone 12 with a trade-in and new line or upgrade as the top iPhone deal for Black Friday. Verizon is offering up to $800 off a second iPhone purchase and AT&T will take $700 off if you meet their contract requirements and bring a trade-in.

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If you are targeting an SE, BlackFriday.com picks BestBuy as a top destination. The electronics chain is offering $199 SE’s with activation and trade-in.

Laptops: BlackFriday again likes BestBuy for MacBook Pro and MacBook Air deals, suggesting you’ll find prices a minimum of $100 off and up to $250 off for those devices, depending on what features you are shopping for. CNET editors picked the Intel version of the 2020 Air as a top buy at $150 off from Amazon.

iPads: If you are looking to spring for the latest iPad Pro, 9to5Mac says the current $150 off deal at Amazon is worth grabbing. If you spot the 1TB device for under $1,500, you are in bargain territory. In a more affordable range, the 32 bit eighth-generation iPad was a top pick by CNET at $299 on Amazon (already sold out), but prices went even lower on the predecessor last year, so target under $300 if you are looking for the 10.2 inch version.