(NEXSTAR) – Range Goats Captian Bubba Watson is a former resident of White Sulpher Springs, West Virginia, the site of LIV Golf Greenbrier.

Watson actually lived on the grounds in the summer of 2016, when the state and the town experienced massive flooding. Watson responded the only way he knew how.

“We were just a small piece in helping the community recover. We were thankful that we were safe, but we wanted to help other people, so we’ve been a part of — a small part of this community that’s changed lives after that disaster,” Watson told members of the media this week.

There was a state of emergency for 22 West Virginia Counties that summer. Watson knew helping was the only option.

“When I think about the flood, how the people came together, the town came together, I’ve seen it with hurricanes down in Florida where I’m from, but then when you see it with a flood like this, everybody came together. Beautiful place, beautiful people. They always support their sports around here,” he recalled.

Watson was excited to return to play the course with the LIV tour this past weekend.

“It’s been an amazing place to live. Timing wasn’t good with my kids, so we moved out of here. But it’s been an amazing place to be at, fun for the kids, fun for the family, and just excited to be back here and put on a show,” he said.

Watson shot well under par over the weekend, but his -7 was well off the pace of winner Bryson DeChambeau.