(NEXSTAR) – At long last, the Burger King will finally bestow the Ch’King to his entire kingdom.

Beginning on June 3, Burger King’s newest chicken sandwich — the hand-breaded Ch’King — will be available at restaurants nationwide. The fast-food restaurant chain had previously tested the sandwich in select markets beginning last year, albeit without the “Ch’King” moniker.

“Our guests said it best, our hand-breaded Ch’King sandwich is our greatest yet,” said Ellie Doty, chief marketing officer of Burger King North America, in a press release issued Wednesday. “We said we would create a delicious hand-breaded chicken sandwich that was worth the wait, we just didn’t anticipate that it would turn out quite this good.”

Burger King’s new Ch’King sandwich features a hand-breaded chicken filet with pickles and a “savory signature sauce” on a toasted potato bun. Customers can also order a spicier version — the Spicy Ch’King — which is made with a “tastebud-tingling spicy glaze,” according to the press release. Both varieties can be ordered as a “Deluxe” item, with lettuce and tomato, but no pickles.

Burger King is also heavily touting the chicken filet’s hand-breading, likening it to their allegedly superior process of flame-grilling a Whopper burger patty. In fact, guests who order a Ch’King between June 3 and June 20 (via BK.com or via the BK app) will be provided with a free Whopper, so they can decide for themselves which is better. (Additional details here.)

Burger King originally began testing its new chicken sandwich as early as Sept. 2020, before expanding the offerings to select markets across the country. At the time, the sandwich was known merely as a “hand-breaded chicken sandwich.” The company later dubbed it the “Ch’King” ahead of its nationwide launch.

“And OK, sure, we could have just named it a chicken sandwich, but that’s just not how we do things at BK,” the press release briefly explained, citing the Whopper as an example of its branding strategy.

In releasing their new sandwich nationwide, Burger King becomes one of the latest fast-food chains to debut a crispy chicken offering in the wake of Popeyes debuting its tremendously popular Chicken Sandwich in 2019. Since then, competitors including McDonald’s, KFC, Wendy’s and Shake Shack, among others, have debuted similar offerings.