(NEXSTAR) – Something’s different about Drew Brees.

The Super Bowl champion made his debut Thursday with NBC Sports to cover the season opener between the Dallas Cowboys and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, but it was less about what he said and more about what was on top of his head that had social media buzzing.

NFL fans quickly noticed that Brees, who joined sports analysts Mike Tirico and Tony Dungy, had changed his look since the last time they saw him on the field.

Brees appeared to be sporting a full head of hair, a somewhat sudden recovery from the thinning locks that many knew and, dare we say, loved.

Lots of folks had jokes as Brees, the NFL’s leader in career completions and yards passing, showed off his new ‘do.

One person even suggested his hair was on performance-enhancing drugs.

Some were quick to point out that they were in no way fooled by Brees’ transformation.

Others, meanwhile, appeared impressed.

Brees is not alone when it comes to hair makeovers. Former Dallas tight end Jason Witten allegedly found a new hairline when he entered ESPN’s “Monday Night Football” broadcast booth for the 2018 NFL season.

And, of course, LeBron James’ hair journey has been well-documented. Over the years, the Los Angeles Lakers star, who even had an incident when his hair appeared to fall out during a 2019 game against the Utah Jazz, has fought balding seemingly tooth and nail.

Brees agreed to join NBC last year when his playing career concluded. He officially announced his retirement earlier this year after 20 NFL seasons, including his last 15 with the New Orleans Saints.