WASHINGTON (NEXSTAR) — There are millions of ballots still yet to be counted in six states that will ultimately decide the presidential race.

The Associated Press called Wisconsin for Joe Biden on Wednesday afternoon giving the challenger 248 electoral votes, while President Donald Trump has 214. It takes 270 to win the presidency. Trump’s campaign has already requested a recount. Statewide recounts in Wisconsin have historically changed the vote tally by only a few hundred votes.

While it’s typical for the counting to continue past Election Day, it’s amplified in 2020 by the surge in mail-in votes.

Here’s a look at the votes yet to be counted in the six outstanding states and what the experts say about those remaining ballots:

Alaska (leaning Trump) – While Trump has a solid lead in this state, tens of thousands of ballots won’t be counted for a few more days.

State election officials report a record number of 120,000 absentee and early voting ballots that won’t be counted until Nov. 10.

Georgia (leaning Trump) – While Trump has led this state from the get-go, it hasn’t been called because much of the remaining votes come from the heavily Democratic Atlanta area.

As of Wednesday morning, 92% of the state’s votes had been counted. The Georgia Secretary of State reported about 200,000 ballots still needed to be processed.

It’s expected Georgia will have enough votes counted for the race to be declared late Wednesday.

Nevada (leaning Biden) – Biden has a narrow lead with the Election Day vote largely counted. At this point, mail-in ballots remain, and the experts predict these should trend Biden.

Nevada is not expected to release additional results until Thursday morning.

Michigan (leaning Biden) – Biden took a lead in Michigan on Wednesday and the experts say he’s likely the favorite moving forward. Numerous votes have yet to be counted in the heavily Democratic Wayne County.

Experts expect that much of the remaining absentee votes, which couldn’t be processed until Monday or Tuesday, will lean towards Biden. The New York Times predicts this state will be called Wednesday.

North Carolina (leaning Trump) – Trump is the favorite in this one. So why hasn’t it been called? Mail ballots.

The state reports about a half-million absentee ballots still not sent back to the state. While election officials don’t expect to even receive a majority of those, the experts are waiting to see what happens before declaring Trump the victor.

Pennsylvania (toss up) – While this one looks like Trump is in firm control, the experts warn things aren’t always as they appear. The majority of remaining votes are mailed absentees. The New York Times notes Biden leads in absentee votes by a 78-21 margin.

The state reports more than 1.4 million absentee votes yet to be counted. It’s worth noting that many of the remaining votes comes from Philadelphia and Philly suburbs, which tend to lean Democratic.

If the absentee trend continues, it would be enough for Biden to pull ahead in the race.

The state has said it could be Friday before the final votes are counted.