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Where can I order wine online for Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day is coming up fast, but not everyone is making dinner reservations this year. Instead, many couples are choosing to have romantic dinners at home. And if wine is on the menu for you and your sweetheart, you can now enjoy the convenience of having the perfect bottle delivered right to your door. 

Thanks to the rise of concierge wine delivery, it’s never been easier to order by the bottle or case. Some companies let you handpick each variety, whereas others give you a curated assortment. No matter which wine you’re looking for this Valentine’s Day, from cabernet to pinot grigio, you’ll be able to find it online. 

What you need to know about ordering wine online for Valentine’s Day

Why you should order wine for Valentine’s Day

It’s no surprise that ordering wine online is convenient, especially for busy people already scrambling to buy gifts or plan something special for their partners on Valentine’s Day. It does more than save time, though. 

  • Skip the liquor store: Ordering wine online means you can skip a trip to the liquor store, not to mention bypassing crowds and traffic. 
  • Learn about wines: Instead of scrolling through wine information on your phone in the middle of a store, wine delivery websites offer detailed backgrounds about their selections.
  • Discover new wines: Many wine delivery companies have exclusive access to private vineyards worldwide and offer hard-to-find varietals.
  • Buy in bulk: You can purchase cases of wine at deep discounts through wine delivery companies, which may prove more cost-effective than buying it per bottle.

Can I order wine online in my state?

Wine and alcohol delivery laws vary state by state, and certain states have additional regulations regarding direct shipments to residences or places of business. It’s recommended to research your state laws before you attempt to order wine online.

With that said, most wine delivery companies, such as Saucey, offer detailed information regarding their legal service areas. Additionally, if your state doesn’t allow delivery, the websites will simply prevent you from completing the wine order. 

Remember wine essentials

wine bottle opener

Once you order wine online for your Valentine’s Day meal at home, make sure you have essential wine accessories on hand. At the very least, you should have a reliable wine bottle opener. If you have an electronic opener, it’s wise to have a manual one as a backup.

monogrammed wine glasses

Many wine drinkers also invest in wine aerators, ice buckets and decanters. If you’d like to add a personal touch to your Valentine’s Day wine setup, consider personalized or monogrammed wine glasses.

How much does it cost to order wine online?

The price of the bottle you choose for your night in depends on the varietal, winemaker, and brand. But when it comes to delivery, many wine shipping companies offer free delivery while others charge $10-$40. The price depends on the size of the order and how quickly it ships. A few companies offer flat-rate shipping no matter how many bottles you order. 

Top 6 wine delivery services you should order from for Valentine’s Day

Wine Access

Wine Access

Wine Access connects members with fine wines from around the world, including Michelin Star favorites, rare collections and affordably-priced varieties. 

Sold by Wine Access

Naked Wines

Naked Wines

Naked Wines, which offers up to 60% off market prices, makes it affordable and easy to get wines from independent winemakers. 

Sold by Naked Wines



Winc helps wine lovers discover new wines based on their tastes and preferences through quizzes.

Sold by Winc



Drizly offers 60-minute wine delivery across 31 states and 1,500 cities, including New York City, Chicago and Los Angeles. 

Sold by Drizly

Wonderful Wine

Wonderful Wine

Wonderful Wine offers an eclectic assortment of eco-friendly, sustainable wines that are low in carbohydrates, sugars and calories. 

Sold by Wonderful Wine



Saucey offers quick-and-easy shopping with 30-minute delivery and comprehensive wine profiles featuring detailed flavor descriptions and recommended pairings. 

Sold by Saucey

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