WASHINGTON (NEXSTAR) — The IRS will open tax-filing season on Feb. 12, delaying the start of tax season by about two weeks, the agency announced on Friday.

The tax season normally starts in late January but was delayed due to outgoing stimulus payments and changes to tax laws.

“These changes ensure that eligible people will receive any remaining stimulus money as a recovery rebate credit when they file their return,” the agency said, according to CNBC.

The recovery rebate credit is available to tax filers who did not receive the full amount of their stimulus check.

Ways and Means Committee Chairman Richard E. Neal issued a statement on Friday saying he’s disappointed about the delay but recognizes the IRS is facing unique challenges this year.

“It is encouraging that the IRS expects taxpayers who file electronically at the beginning of the season and claim refundable tax credits to receive their refunds by the first week of March,” Neal said. “I urge taxpayers to complete their returns and file electronically as early as possible.”

The IRS also announced the IRS Free File program is available now if taxpayers want to start working in advance of the Feb. 14 date.

The deadline for filing your 2020 taxes is April 15.