(NEXSTAR) – Halloween season is around the corner, and with it comes an age-old question: Is it too early to display my Halloween decorations?

While some are passionate for the holiday, going so far as to put their decorations up as early as September, others may think decorations should wait until sometime closer to Oct. 31.

Even among the etiquette experts, the question can have more than one answer.

Elena Brouwer, the CEO and owner of International Etiquette Centre in Florida, argues that putting up decorations too early can be quite a scary thing for children.

“Having the decoration out as early as September creates a lot of anxiety for children,” Brouwer said. “You tell a 4-year-old that Halloween is coming, and what do they want to do? They want to buy their outfit and go trick or treating. And every day they would say, ‘Is it today? Is it today?’”

To help reduce that anxiety, Brouwer said decorations outside or around your home should not be displayed until two weeks before Halloween.

Not every etiquette consultant agrees. Daniel Post Senning of the Emily Post Institute, an organization that offers etiquette advice and training, said there isn’t really a hard date to shoot for, but pointed to the month of October as the best time to set up decorations.

Both etiquette consultants agree that consideration for neighbors is a good goal to have when deciding to decorate your yard. Senning said it’s important to consider how the sound and lighting of decorations might affect the community.

Meanwhile, Brouwer suggests considering the children who see the decorations, and choosing to display something appropriate for all ages, like decorated pumpkins or bright colors.