A Japanese amusement park is challenging visitors to try out “a new screaming style” to help prevent the transmission of COVID-19 by limiting droplets of saliva projected during rollercoaster rides.

The CEO of Fuji-Q Highland and his corporate boss modeled the silent riding technique in a video posted by the park that ends with the message: “Please scream inside your heart,” the Wall Street Journal reports.

The video shows the two executives, one dressed in a full suit and the other in a buttoned-up shirt and bow tie, stoically experiencing the high speed twists and turns of the coaster, their only outward reactions an occasional adjustment of a mask or hair.

Fuji-Q Highland, which sits at the base of Mount Fuji, re-opened last month after shutting down over coronavirus concerns.

The park is now encouraging riders to show off their “serious face” during the adrenaline-pumping riders, the BBC reports. The “KeepaSeriousFace challenge is reportedly running through July 17, and the visitors with the best serious faces will receive free day passes.

Japan has tallied just over 20,600 confirmed cases of COVID-19 as of Thursday afternoon, along with 982 deaths, according to Johns Hopkins University data.