(NEXSTAR) – An Alabama man arrested facing multiple charges in the January 6 attack in Washington D.C. took his 82-pound German shepherd named Warrior with him to the mob riot at the U.S. Capitol that day, Department of Justice documents say.

Jonathan Walden, 46, of Birmingham, was arrested Thursday and is one of at least 16 members of the Oath Keepers paramilitary group to face charges in the violent insurrection, according to the documents.

Walden, who used the alias EoinAL, allegedly wrote an email in the days leading up to the assault on the capitol, asking to join the Jan. 6 operation:

“I am interested in the QRF team in D.C. I am former Firefighter, EMT-B and have a K-9 trained for security patrol (82 lb. German Shepherd named ‘Warrior’). I have a Jump Bag with Trauma supplies and have ALL the necessary 2A gear that the situation may require. PLEASE ADVISE. As soon as I hear from you I can hit the road to join up!”

Walden traveled to D.C. and stayed at the Mayflower Hotel the night before the riot. He and another suspect, Laura Steele, rode golf carts to the Capitol Jan. 6, “at times swerving around law enforcement vehicles.”

The documents say Walden was equipped with goggles, scissors, a tactical vest with attachments, gloves, a backpack, fatigues, boots and his dog.

Walden, accompanied by Warrior and two other suspected Oath Keepers, “forcibly entered” the Capitol Building around 3:15 p.m. before exiting through another door roughly 45 minutes later.

The riot at the Capitol led to assaults on more than 100 members of law enforcement, according to the DOJ, and five deaths. Insurgents caused millions of dollars in damage to the Capitol building itself, leaving broken windows, broken doors, graffiti and residue from chemical attacks.

Walden faces charges of conspiracy; obstruction of an official proceeding and aiding and abetting; and entering restricted building or grounds.