Man wrangles shark with bare hands off Delaware beach


LEWES, Del. – A man who handled a shark with his bare hands at Cape Henlopen State Park Beach in Delaware over the weekend drew quite a bit of attention online.

The video shows the unidentified man grabbing onto the shark, and trying to unhook it after it had been caught.

He then turns toward open water to release the shark, as is required in Delaware.

The clip was posted on Facebook by Rachael Foster, who was on the beach with her family.

“Everyone started yelling, ‘Shark, shark, get out of the water!’” Foster told the Salisbury Daily Times. “It was so crazy, like a movie. Like Jaws.” 

Foster later updated her post to say the man was not trying to hurt the shark:

“For anyone commenting how this guy should’ve left the shark alone, or that this isn’t right you really need to educate yourself. He did this by the book and was totally legal with it ! His buddy simply caught a shark he went out opened his mouth to get the hook out, than he went deeper into water turned the shark around and released it! Please please read up on the Delaware laws and the proper way to release a shark that’s been caught.” 

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