(NEXSTAR) – McDonald’s really wants you to start ordering through the chain’s app, and locations are rolling out a big round of holiday giveaways to encourage you to make your next order of fries by smartphone.

Beginning December 14th, the burger giant is giving out a different free menu item each day at participating locations through Christmas Eve, assuming you’ve spent at least a dollar and purchased through the app. Each product is promoted as a favorite of a “classic holiday character,” according to the press release.

McDonald’s has been on a bit of a celebrity kick, offering up deals in partnership with Travis Scott and J Balvin in recent months, but the latest list of celebrity tie-ins features entirely fictional characters (aside from Santa and Rudolph, of course).

On Monday, app purchasers can get a free double cheeseburger, which McDonald’s highlights as a favorite of the Griswolds from “Vacation.” Subsequent giveaways include a Big Mac, McNuggets 6-pack and a McFlurry. Check the company website for the full list.