(Our Auto Expert) – Say hello to the all-new Mercedes-Benz EQS SUV. The vehicle was built in America, the batteries are built in America. It’s all-electric and has three rows. This vehicle has seven seats available, and you won’t believe how fast it goes from 0 to 60. This vehicle’s technology is better than many in its class, and I will show you why.

If you’ve heard the name EQS, it is a Mercedes all-electric sedan built on the same architecture as the EQS SUV, but only a five-seater. This is a 7-seater and competes with very little. This is the first full luxury, 7-seater fully electric SUV in America. And this goes 130 miles an hour and zero to sixty in 4.5 seconds. 

There is an all-wheel drive version with two electric motors, which is perfect for offroading. Yes, this baby can go off-road. I was able to take this car out on an off-road course. However, the video I was recording was silent. I was concentrating while taking an expensive SUV off-road. 

Things to note from the exterior, it’s with a solid grille. You don’t need air intake for an electric engine. A Single LED light across the front with three diamonds pointing out of the light signifies its part of the EQS, S-Class Family. Circling the 21-inch wheels. 

It has running boards, which are part of aerodynamics. And on the driver’s side is an intake for the washer fluid for the windshield because there’s no need to open the hood.

I was impressed with the door handles that popped out. They come out of the door when you rub your hand across them.  You have to appreciate the beautiful interior. The pillows on the seat and the quality are excellent. Heated and cooled seats with the MBUX unique OLED hyper screen. Fifty-six inches with a passenger screen, but you don’t have to have the hyper screen if you’re not ready. If you don’t want to. Fast and packed with safety, tech, and comfort. Why would you ever get out ​