(NewsNation Now) — For the first week of January, more than 2,000 schools were prepared to close for at least one day due to COVID-19 concerns, according to Burbio, a company that tracks school data.

There are 21 states with at least one school district closed or transitioning to remote learning this week.

Some schools might be closed for a day, others for the entire week as school districts nationwide are adjusting as students return to classrooms.

Back-to-school disruptions are the heaviest in the Northeast and Midwest, which have been hit hard by the omicron variant of COVID-19.

A lot of the largest school districts in the nation are choosing to rapid test students as they head back, including Chicago and Washington, D.C.

Los Angeles schools are not requiring a negative test to return, but they will be testing random groups of students throughout the week to determine how many cases there are in the school population.

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