(NEXSTAR) – April showers bring… lots of problems for new homeowners, apparently.

A couple in Oklahoma recently uncovered a hidden shower stall while renovating the bathroom of their new house, but the discovery came as less of a fun surprise and more of a headache for the first-time homebuyers.

TikTok user @Mia_Bug first documented the find late last week, in a video that has since been viewed over 1.6 million times. In the clip, Mia’s husband can be seen standing in what appears to be a half-bathroom, using a crowbar to pry off part of a wall directly opposite the toilet. Behind it, the couple finds a shower stall in desperate need of repair.

“Renovation finds… why,” Mia captioned the video.

In the comments section, Mia later explained that she and her husband TJ were actually made aware of the sealed-off shower when they purchased the fixer-upper, though they weren’t informed of its condition. Instead, the previous homeowners only disclosed “a little leak” in the shower’s drain pan, Mia claimed.

“The seller told us that it was closed off because [of] a leaking drain pan, and that it was a small fix, wasn’t going to cost much to fix, but they just didn’t have the time and energy to do it, so they covered it up,” Mia said in a follow-up video.

Mia and TJ, who purchased the home and its half-acre lot for under $150,000, also acknowledged that they expected their fixer-upper would need serious work, but they were nevertheless “annoyed” that the seller wasn’t more up-front about the house’s condition.


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Viewers on TikTok, meanwhile, were both aghast and amused by the couple’s somewhat disturbing discovery.

“Someone probably died in there,” joked one user. “Put it back, it’s haunted.”

“Oh, I can’t imagine the smell in there,” another said.

Another viewer suggested that Mia and TJ contact the previous homeowner to recoup some of their money, but Mia claimed it “isn’t worth fighting for.”

“The seller didn’t even fix what was agreed to in the contract,” she wrote.

In the days since, Mia has also documented several of the home’s other quirks, including a ceiling fan that won’t shut off, a saloon-style bathroom door, and a hole in the wall stuffed with “dirty underwear.” For now, she says, fixing these smaller projects will take precedence over the damaged shower. But she’s still planning on renovating that bathroom when she gets the money.

“There are more projects on the top of our list right now and limited funds,” she wrote.