(NEXSTAR) — A modern “Hobbit hole” is for sale with conveniences no Middle Earth inhabitant could have dreamed of.

In Oxford, Mississippi, 89 County Road 164 is a prepper’s paradise, with its own propane generator, wood-burning stove for heating, on-site well and unique design that makes it eco-friendlier and altogether self-sufficient.

The central home is built partially underground, but that doesn’t stop the unique property from soaking up some quality Southern sunshine.

“With the house being in-ground and getting the natural Southern sun, you have to use very little electricity for lighting, heating and cooling because the earth temperature is pretty consistent,” said listing agent Harry Alexander. “You can be there for a while if needed.”

The 20-acre property was constructed in the late 70s or early 80s by a family of engineers, Alexander said. They designed it to be sustainable and to serve as a sort of family compound.

In addition to the main, in-earth building, the property also has a large barn, a pool and a guest house, which consists of three concrete domes.

The main house has been largely updated, with a new kitchen and appliances. There’s even a full-sized jacuzzi inside the master bathroom.

Alexander says the home is about eight minutes from Oxford’s main shopping area and just an hour’s drive to Memphis, Tennessee, the nearest big city.

The property is covered in fruit trees, oaks and blueberry bushes and has space for a luxurious garden.

“Depending on what you want in life, it’s a place you can go and take it easy,” Alexander said.

The property is selling for $569,900.