(NEXSTAR) – A house believed to be the skinniest in London — just six feet wide and five stories high — has hit the market for $950,000.

What do you get for the price tag? According to David Myers, of Winkworth Estate Agents in London, the home has “superb interior design detail,” similar to that of a luxury yacht.

In addition to its charming details, the 1,034-square-foot home boasts a leafy patio garden with trees and shrubs, a roof terrace, as well as two bedrooms and one bathroom.

The home was originally a hat shop, according to the sellers, but it was converted into a residence in the 1990s by fashion photographer Jurgen Teller. The residence’s balcony likely dates to the Victorian era.

Myers says the quirky house will appeal to “creative types such as media people, designers, photographers.”

He stressed that the house is not made for families, but singletons and couples.

As for what makes skinny, tiny homes so popular, Myers believes it’s because of “their unique charm, character and originality.”

“After all, how many of us can say we live in something so eccentric?”