The Rock shares another fanny pack throwback, taken after wrestling for just $40



(NEXSTAR) – Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson posted a photo Thursday from early in his wrestling career when he was “broke as hell.”

The Polaroid photo shows The Rock shirtless sporting a fanny pack that his fans may remember from another beloved throwback post, posing with a young fan named Mitchell.

Johnson said the photo was taken after a wrestling match at a flea market in Memphis.

“My ring name was “Flex Kavana” (hey I thought it was a cool name at the time🤣) and I was making a GUARANTEED $40 bucks per match,” Johnson wrote. “I was broke as hell, passionate and gave it all I got – having NOOO IDEA the long, windy, unpredictable road that lay ahead.”

Johnson credits his struggles trying to make it while wrestling at flea markets, fairs, high school gyms, used car dealerships and other makeshift venues with teaching him how to take care of the audience and send them home happy.

“And for $5 bucks you can go home happy too just like Mitchell here and take a polaroid with your favorite wrestler.. wearing jorts and a cool ass leather fanny pack hanging low,” Johnson joked.

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