‘Unsafe load’: Porsche driver tows hot tub with homemade trailer


(Woodstock Police Service)

WOODSTOCK, Ontario – Canadian police pulled over a Porsche driver hauling an “unsafe load” Wednesday afternoon – a hot tub affixed to a homemade wooden cart.

Woodstock Police Service officials said they responded around 1:30 p.m. after receiving multiple calls about a vehicle pulling a hot tub behind it.

Officers caught up with the overburdened sports car on the western outskirts of Woodstock, Ontario and pulled over the 54-year-old male driver.

“All drivers on the roads should have a safe environment when travelling. Towing items such as trailers with larger items have the potential to cause a dangerous situation for everyone using the roadway,” said Constable Marco D’Annibale in a statement. “Had this hot tub became unattached from the homemade trailer that it was being towed on, would have caused serious damage and injury to anyone in its path.”

The driver has been charged with careless driving.

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