The Florida Panhandle and coastal Alabama are taking a pummeling from a resurgent Hurricane Sally as it moves toward the coast. The storm quickly gained strength early Wednesday to become a Category 2 hurricane with 105 mph winds.

The first waves of Sally’s eyewall have reached Orange Beach, Alabama. The Cajun Navy shared this video with WKRG. With landfall expected some time in the coming hours, tens of thousands are without electricity.

 Intense winds have been recorded in Foley, Alabama.

Flash floods from as much as a foot of rain have been reported. And, because the storm is moving so slowly, the deluge is expected to be drawn out — with some spots possibly getting 30 inches of rain.

Water rolls through a broken private pier on Bayou St. John in Orange Beach, Alabama, hours before Sally makes landfall. Waters this high are a rare sight in the area, according to the viewer who shared it with WKRG.

“…[We] rarely get any of this…The water is higher than [with] most other hurricanes we’ve been through,” the viewer said.

Sally batters downtown Pensacola, Florida.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.