ANTIOCH, Calif. (KRON) — An unidentified man threw dozens of rocks into nearly 50 windows and doors at a California church early Monday morning, causing thousands in damage.

The man was caught on camera throwing rocks at Cornerstone Christian Church in Antioch just days before Easter.

“The video cameras, all the surveillance doesn’t even look like he tried to get in, and he could’ve because some of the windows were totally broken out,” Senior Pastor Steve Miner said. 

The church had just finished landscaping the property.

The man picked up some of the newly placed river rocks and threw them at about 50 windows on the church, causing about $40,000 in damage.

“The community people from other churches have been calling us wanting to help, to want to donate, all those kinds of things, but we do have insurance, but we are so grateful, but it’s great to see the family of God come together and make sure we are OK,” Miner said.

Staff and family members swept up glass before students arrived.

The doors and windows are now getting replaced.

Miner hopes to have the church fixed back up by Sunday.

“We got Easter coming up. This is our big Sunday this Sunday, so we are excited about that, so you want to get everything fixed up for that,” Miner said. 

Police say they arrested a man for felony vandalism just a few hours after the incident.