Woman says $888K was taken from her account when she got stimulus check


PARKER, Colo. (KDVR) — It was an exciting morning for Erin Johnston, as she checked her bank account to see her stimulus check arrive.

The much-needed relief for her family of five was short-lived. The Parker, Colorado mother noticed another transaction that happened at the same time: a pending debit hold on her account to the tune of $888,888.88. 

“At first, I mean, we didn’t think it was real, so we laughed it off,” Johnston said. “Then it kind of sunk in.”

Her account balance showed -$869,154.11.

Johnston reached out to the Internal Revenue Service to try to clear things up, but couldn’t get anyone on the phone. She said she tried to reach Bank of America but the phones lines were backlogged for hours.

“We can’t go and get groceries right now,” Johnston told sister station KDVR. “If a bill hits, it’s going to be denied.”

Johnston said she was unable to get answers until KDVR published a story about her situation. Bank of America expedited her case and lifted the hold on her account. 

KDVR learned that Johnston got in a car crash and received a $20,000 settlement about one week ago.

Seeing the sudden increase in funds, Bank of America officials said a hold was placed on Johnston’s account. It happened to trigger on the same morning she received her stimulus check.

Bank of America says it has processed millions of stimulus checks with no issues.

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