SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) — Move over, lattes!

Nissin Foods has announced a limited-edition Cup Noodles Pumpkin Spice Flavor expected to hit Walmart shelves at the end of October.

The fall-inspired cup is not soup-based. The noodles are saucy and made with a special pumpkin seasoning.

“There’s a fine line between genius and insanity … Care to cross it with us?” said the Japanese food company. “Cup Noodles jumps on the Pumpkin Spice crazy train with a special pumpkin seasoning that’s the perfect blend of sweet, savory and spiced.”

The release is part of Nissin’s celebration of Cup Noodles’ 50th anniversary, TODAY Food reports.

“After 50 years of noodle innovation, what better time to release our most unexpected flavor to date with pumpkin spice, and trust me it really is that good,” said Jaclyn Park, Vice President of marketing at Nissin Foods USA.

For a full pumpkin spice experience, Nissin recommends you top the cup with whipped cream “for the quickest, tastiest and most outlandish pumpkin spice in-a-cup experience you never knew you needed!”