(NEXSTAR) – When Los Angeles Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford takes the field in Sunday’s Super Bowl, he’ll have tens of thousands of fans cheering him on from Michigan. Some of those fans will be wearing “Detroit Rams” shirts. No joke.

Stafford left Detroit for L.A. after 12 seasons and still has plenty of support up north. How much? Makeshift shirts with the name “Detroit Rams” are flying off store shelves, according to The Detroit News.

Clips of the shirts on display went viral on social media with mixed reaction from Twitter users. While some thought it was a great sign of support for Stafford, others felt the shirts were embarrassing — Detroit does have its own NFL team, after all.

The owner of store, located just outside Detroit, called the reworked Rams gear a “hot item.”

“We got them in yesterday and they have been flying off the shelves,” John Yu, owner of Pro Sports Zone in Livonia, told Detroit News.

The blue t-shirts, produced by an online company called The D Line, feature a logo similar to the Detroit Lions’, with the lion altered to look like a ram. The sellers have also plastered the logo on shirts, hoodies, tank tops, and just about every other item you can imagine.

With all the added attention on social media and beyond, The D Line expects to sell hundreds of items before Sunday’s kickoff.