(AP) — Companies are spending big bucks for Super Bowl ad time. Thirty seconds reportedly sold for as much as $7 Million, according to an editor at Ad Age.

Many brands tap celebrities to appear in their ads.

Zendaya stars in an ad for Squarespace. Jason Sudeikis makes a cameo in an ad for TurboTax. Matthew McConaughey, who last year appeared in a humorous ad for Doritos, fronts a campaign for Salesforce. And former NFL quarterback Eli Manning is in an ad for Stella Artois beer.

Manning has also partnered with the company to swap places with a bartender in Las Vegas. He will work her shift at a restaurant during the big game so she and a guest can fly to Los Angeles and watch the Super Bowl in person.

The Super Bowl is this Sunday, Feb. 13, with the Los Angeles Rams facing off the Cincinnati Bengals.