It’s been nearly a decade that “Breaking Bad” has been off the air, but Aaron Paul says the iconic series is still “one of those gifts that just keeps on keeps on giving.”

The actor recently reunited with co-star Bryan Cranston for a “Breaking Bad”-inspired ad for PopCorners, that will air during this weekend’s Super Bowl.

“It’s an amazing thing. It feels very, very surreal,” Paul said.

Paul credits streaming services like Netflix for the show’s enduring legacy and fanbase.

“These shows live hopefully forever on these platforms,” he said.

“New people are getting introduced to it all the time and it’s just so easy to find and so a lot of these kids that were too young to watch the show when their parents were watching it, they are now old enough to watch and so they’re diving in.”

His comments came shortly after HBO pulled the plug on “Westworld,” which Paul starred in. The Emmy-winning sci-fi drama was taken off of HBO Max entirely.

The series received more than 50 nominations and won nine awards from the TV academy.

“It was hard because this, you know, that’s our, it’s our family, our film family. And so it’s rough not to be able to say a proper goodbye,” Paul said.