(NEXSTAR) – If your best friends only recently stopped greeting each other by yelling “WASSUP?!” then you probably grew up watching 90s NFL football. But the biggest earworm of the decade didn’t actually debut while Troy Aikman or Jerry Rice played for the Lombardi Trophy. The long-running Bud ad actually premiered during Monday Night Football.

Despite that fact, the Super Bowl hosted the decade’s most memorable ads this side of Melrose Place. Here’s a look at some of the ads that were so entertaining you actually looked up from your Game Boy.

Nothing But Net

It wasn’t the most complicated premise of the decade, but when Michael Jordan and Larry Bird held a shootout over a Big Mac, the sheer concentration of star power had people talking for days.

Just One Look

Speaking of 90s star power, Cindy Crawford was already a supermodel when she grabbed that pepsi out of a gas station vending machine in 1992, but the moment became one of her most memorable pop culture appearances.

When I Grow Up

Way back in 1998, Monster.com wanted you to know this Internet thing may be more than just a fad. It could be your future job. Turned out, they had a point.

Doritos What?

Doritos 3D may have been a forgettable product, but ogling Ali Landry doing laundry apparently didn’t feel creepy back in 1999.

We Didn’t Forget The Frogs

Have you had Wassup? stuck in your head for a minute or two? We can fix that. Budweiser had another ad that was just impossible to escape.