Danville Braves develop early season chemistry

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The Danville Braves’ roster is made up of guys from different draft classes. But when you watch them play, they look like a team that’s played baseball together for years.

So what’s the secret to their great team chemistry this early in the season?

“I like the effort they put, since we got here I love what I’ve been seeing,” Braves manager Anthony Nunez said. “The effort, the energy, they are ready to play every day, I mean, it’s unbelievable. The way I feel right now, these guys, I appreciate what they’ve been doing right now.”

Less than a week into their pro careers, some of the players are relying on the common language of baseball.

“Just being with the guys, you know baseball is a game,” second baseman Cody Milligan said. “Have fun with it. You know that’s what everybody is in here doing. Everybody is having fun, you know.”

The team chemistry is evident from the stands.

“It’s incredible how good everyone plays well together, nobody is really getting at each other,” Milligan said. “You know everybody is family almost already.”

Even some of the returning players have noticed a different vibe in the dugout.

“It’s definitely sweet,” Braves infielder Ray Hernandez said. “Since I’ve been with the Braves, I’m happy that I have teammates that I feel comfortable being around, teammates that I want to play with. You don’t always get that, as a baseball player. You don’t always get to be around guys you want to play with or win with.”

And Nunez, in his first year as Danville’s manager, tends to keep it that way.

“They are great guys,” Nunez said. “I mean everybody gets along with each other and that’s one of the main keys for us as a team, we keep it together we pulling for the same side.”

The Braves hope having great team chemistry early in the season can lead to success down the road.

“As opposed to having to build chemistry, the chemistry is kinda already there,” Hernandez said. “That has to do with a lot of us being in extended spring training, playing in the (Gulf Coast League) last year and there are a lot of things that add on to that. That’s one of the biggest things. Being able to have a team that you feel comfortable and want to win with.”

The team supporting one another with each pitch and at-bat.

“Sometimes its not always like that,” Hernandez said. “Cuz you only care about your own stats and this isn’t one of those teams. That’s ones of the things I’m actually really happy about.”

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